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10 Conferences For Every Mogul In The Making

Conferences are all about leveling up and making the most of the connections that you make.

When making your business plans for the year, if you're not including conferences as a necessary expense, you're making a mistake. Conferences are like networking events on steroids.

Why are they so important? There are a few reasons. First, you're not only able to connect with other attendees but this gives you a direct line to expertise from the presenters. You know how people always want to "pick the brains" of successful trailblazers in their field? What better way to learn from someone than to be where they are? You might even get a chance to exchange cards and make a longterm connection.

Another reason? The knowledge you gain. If you pick the right conference to attend, you will be surrounded by people that can add to your body of knowledge. Whether you meet someone that's just starting out or a veteran in the game, you will learn something that will help you in your business. Worst case scenario? You meet like-minded friends that you can vent to when the going gets rough.

One more thing before we get to the list. If you are interested in becoming a speaker or hosting your own conference, a great way to learn what to do (and what not to do) is by attending events. You never know who might be looking for new and emerging speakers and being in the right place at the right time will make all the difference.

If I still haven't convinced you to check out a new conference this year, this list will.

Start getting those coins together!

1) Black Enterprise Entrepreneur's Summit - June 6-9, 2018

Charlotte, NC

This is the must-attend event for aspiring business owners, startup founders, and established entrepreneurs looking for new money-making and growth opportunities for their ventures.


2) GirlBoss Rally - April 28, 2018

Los Angeles, CA

Meet like-minded women like yourself who are ready to one-up themselves every single day, and find your next mentor or business partner while you're at it.


3) The iCAN Collective GoalGetHer Conference - November 17, 2018

Chicago, IL

This is a memorable full day conference featuring inspirational guest speakers, panel discussion and interactive workshops with information attendees can apply to their businesses in a practical way. Our method is not to give vague advice or generic tips but provide tangible business tools that can be put into practice to elevate your business or career. The conference provides a platform for attendees to exchange ideas , collaborate and create long lasting business relationships that impact entrepreneurial landscape.


4) AFROTECH - November 8-11, 2018

San Francisco, CA

AfroTech is a conference where the founders and employees of some of the fastest-growing tech startups will present the tactics & strategies they use to grow their products and businesses.


5) Professional Pretty Conference - May 19, 2018

Cincinnati, OH

The Morgan A. Owens brand was established as a voice for women who had a desire to become more marketable in their corporate careers as well as entrepreneurial goals. MAO brand launched The Professional Pretty Conference which includes topics like branding, work/life balance, career-building, technology, pushing through fear & doubt, gaining PR for your business and slaying.


6) Forbes Women's Summit - June 18-19

New York, NY

Forbes Women’s Summit celebrates the doers and the doing; a source of inspiration and support that connects and empowers women around the world, helping them to realize their potential and reach new heights.


7) #BlogHer2018 Creators Summit - August 2018

New York, NY

#BlogHer18 Creators Summit will celebrate the women who tell their stories to inspire and educate communities across the globe.


8) FWD Collective Summit - September 13, 2018

Chicago, IL

FWD Collective Programs are dedicated conversations on one of the tracks covered during the summit and allow the FWD Collective community to stay connected throughout the year and dive in further to their areas of interest.


9) ColorComm Conference - June 4-7, 2018

Maui, Hawaii

ColorComm is an essential organization for women of color in all areas of communications including Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Advertising Print Media, Broadcast, Digital and more.

ColorComm Conference 2018

10) Inc. Women's Summit - September 18, 2018

New York, NY

A gathering of the nation’s most influential female entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers, world changers, and company builders. Join 500 entrepreneurial minded women for an invaluable day-long event where you will learn and be inspired by some of the most successful entrepreneurs around, share successes and struggles, and build relationships with fellow trailblazers.


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