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Get Sponsored! Masterclass Recap and Photos

On July 15, 2018, the iCAN Collective hosted our #GoalGetHer Entrepreneurship Series kick off event. Get Sponsored! A masterclass all about obtaining sponsorship and developing collaborations and partnerships with awesome brands. It was a full day event with panel discussions, an interactive workshop, brunch, drinks, swag bags, vendors and great networking opportunities.

Our first panel featured bloggers Ebony Jamison, Dr. Kiarra King, and Elaine Rau. Each panelist was able to share how they have developed powerful partnerships and relationships that have positively impacted their business and profits.

Shontay Lundy was a featured guest for a fireside chat to talk about her business, Black Girl Sunscreen, which has been getting amazing press and creating a huge buzz in the skincare industry.

Michael Donnelly, CEO and Founder of FWD Collective and Red Suede Shoes led attendees through an interactive workshop, focused on starting with your why, deep diving into the kind of companies you should connect with depending on your industry and answering for yourself, why a sponsor should give you money.

The last panel discussion featured Karyn Lee and Covania Washington giving their take on sponsorship from their perspectives as businesswomen who send and receive proposals.

Key Takeaways from the day:

Start with your why: Sponsors will respond to knowing your story and WHY you do what you do. Not just the product, service or brand. How do you connect with people to give them a deeper understanding of why you do it and how your story sets you apart.

Craft Your Message To Fit The Sponsor's Mission: If you pick your sponsors correctly, your goals and missions should align. Learn what they are trying to achieve in their business and think about how you can help then attain it. Add value for your sponsors, don't just think about what they can do for you. What will partnering with you do for them?

Download Sponsorship Decks to Get Ideas: Don't know what a sponsorship deck or kit should look like? Google is your friend! Several organizations have links to their media kits and decks on their sites, download a few and look at what companies similar to yours are offering. Also, research what companies are sponsoring businesses similar to yours. Those same companies may want to partner with you. Most websites list their sponsors in plain sight!

Just Start: Don't think that you don't have enough followers or influencers to pull in sponsors. You have an audience and people want to reach them. It's not about quantity, it's about the quality of the people that are engaging with you. If you have 100 followers that trust, connect and relate to you, that's more impactful than having 100K that could care less about what you post.

This was another #DOPE event from The iCAN Collective and as always, it is so amazing to connect with you IRL at live events. So come out and mingle, your next business bestie, co-founder or accountability partner is waiting for you!

Save the date for the #GoalGetHer Conference, Nov 17, 2018! We can't wait to meet you!

Connect with our speakers

Ebony Jamison @brownskinbeautiful_

Dr. Kiarra King @drkiarraking

Elaine Rau @ladybossblogger @elainerau

Michael Donnelly @fwdcollective @redsuedeshoesco

Karyn Lee @thefabgiver

Covania Washington @covaniaw @bombandbossy

Shontay Lundy @blackgirlsunscreen

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Afenya Montgomery @afenyaBSN

Photos by Mike D. of A773 Studios

We give a very special thank you to our sponsors: Uniqurl, Mielle Organics, Boxed Water, Twenty Ten Wines, HerMane HairCare, Easy Beauty, Calli Styles

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