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How Finding Your ONE Thing Can Elevate Your Business

Updated: May 21, 2019

When you're building a business it can feel like you are doing a million things at once. Half the time, you really ARE! Most entrepreneurs start off as solopreneurs and we get really skilled at the art of balancing a ton of tasks at once. You read the blogs, watch the webinars and listen to all of the coaches that are telling you to do all of the things. Now, you're confused about which way to go first and where you should prioritize your time, energy and effort.


Stop the madness.

It's time to FOCUS.

In 2005, the song 1 Thing by Amerie was on several playlists and remains there to this day. Let's take off our dancing shoes for a moment and think about how these words apply to us an entrepreneurs today. It's a reminder for me to narrow my focus and really think about what I want to be known for. Yes, I know, Amerie wasn't talking about business but she might as well have been. Just follow me for a sec. How many of us are good at a whole lot of things? How many of us want to be well known for being good at the things we love to do? How many of us want to make a lot of money doing the things we do best? My point is, so many of us are good at so many things. This sometimes leads us to try to do ALL OF THE THINGS. But the magic lies in finding your one thing and getting super skilled in it before branching out and attempting to be successful in other areas.

Want a practical example? Look at Amazon.

In the beginning, Amazon only sold books. They became the BEST at selling books. So good at selling books that they became a household name for it. Today, I don't know if people even remember that books were once their specialty. Now, they're good at selling everything because they perfected that one thing and applied the same success formula to everything else.

Overwhelm is real, y'all. It's important to prioritize our time, effort and energy for own health's sake.

Find your one thing. Perfect it, become an authority on it and people will pay you for your expertise. When you're advertising a ton of offerings before people truly understand the core of what you do, it can be confusing. You won't connect with your target audience, let alone, anyone else. You have to let people know what to come to you for then build your brand and business around that before scaling.

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