Marketing Strategies for Increasing Sales of Your Digital Products

My previous article detailed digital products that you can create to expand your business. Now, let’s take a look at some tried and tested strategies that effectively provide value for your customers and lead to higher conversions. Below, I’m breaking down a few key strategies you can apply to your digital products, to see real tangible results.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a method you can use to draw in leads and convert them into customers by cultivating their engagement in your business. You can do this by providing value, solutions and resources throughout their customer journey with you. Inbound marketing strategies drive leads and generate more sales for your business. Inbound marketing invites the consumer to be part of the conversation, starting a lead-nurture strategy that continues long after the e-book has been downloaded or the infographic shared. The goal is to attract, convert, close and delight (Halligan & Shah, 2010).



Helpful Content Guides

Content is QUEEN– Serve up your digital product with an extra side of content. It's a win-win for all parties involved. Not only does consistent, high quality content help your blog, article, video or e-book perform well from an SEO (search engine optimization) standpoint but it is also highly valuable to your potential customers if you create useful guides for them to follow. Content drives leads and it also converts them.


Lead Magnets

We’re not talking fridge magnets here. A lead magnet could be considered the ‘main course’ when it comes to good digital products because it is such a solid form of valuable content for the buyer. A lead magnet might come in the form of a ‘helpful guide’ or a ‘top 10 tips’ related to the topic of your business. For example, if you own a skin care company – you might want to offer ’10 ways to keep your skin hydrated this winter’ or a ‘Top 10 checklist before choosing a new moisturizer’.Lead magnets for database building are a fantastic value-add for any website. Offer visitors a free resource for providing their contact details. This is truly a win-win because it’s a mutually beneficial transaction between business and potential customer. You’ve already delivered the first piece of inbound marketing through your lead magnet content. The result is that the website visitor is presented with a helpful and educational resource on a topic that is clearly of interest to them since they found themselves on your site anyway.


Email Marketing

As a business, you now have the potential customer’s contact details so they can add them to your database for future contact. This effectively grows your contact list for promotional purposes.The benefit of digital products lies in your ability to distribute them. Your email marketing strategies act as appetizers for your customers to experience as you lead them to the main course.


Turn your clients into brand promoters by delivering an exceptional experience that encourages them to share that experience and spread the word about your business in a positive way.In a nutshell, as you create digital products, look at all of the opportunities available to provide value to your customers and nurture them along the journey of getting to know you and your brand. As you cultivate that relationship, you will convert them from potential customers to buyers and dedicated brand advocates.

If you’re a new or aspiring entrepreneur and you’re looking to start a business or an established business owner that wants to go back to basics and start something new, check out my Beast Your Business Workbook. It’s an easy to navigate guide designed to help take you from idea to execution when it comes to launching.






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